Shuvu Yeladim

30 Tishri 5779 (Oct 9, 2018)

Ahavat Ammi announces with great joy the release of the first season of “Shuvu Yeladim”. 

Our desire has been, for a long time, to establish a Yeshiva for children, ages 5-10, as we introduce them to the basic principles of Judaism with a strong Messianic influence. The result in front of you is our very best effort in creating fun, easy, and simple lessons that promise to engage your children.


Rabbi Shapira commented:

Today our dream is being realized as we launch a fun and easy interactive school for children in a unique E-Learning platform, where children get to teach other children. Our movement is lacking in tools to reach the next generation and to strengthen our movement. The first season will introduce young talmidim to some important concepts such as the Shma, their relationship with Yeshua, Torah, the feasts, and much more. We are thrilled to finally put a world class children’s Yeshiva forward. Yeshivat Shuvu continues to grow with the adult education program at www.shuvu.tv, but we want to make sure that our children do not stay behind. This tool is a real gift for the Messianic movement.


In season 2, which will hopefully be released at Chanukah, we are planning to teach the children the Alef-Bet as they acquire skills in Hebrew.  


The first season is available with a suggested donation of $150 per child at yeladim.shuvu.tv

For more information contact us at info@ahavatammi.org



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