New Kosher Pastor course available! Jerusalem, Past, Present & Future

13 Sivan 5780 (Jun 5, 2020)

Ahavat Ministries, Yeshivat Shuvu and Kosher Pastor are excited to announce the release of their 7-course education bundle that is specifically designed for Christians.  “The Kosher Pastor Program is unprecedented in the Messianic Jewish world and we believe that Christians exploring their roots and relationship to the Torah proves that we are living in prophetic times,” says Rabbi Itzhak Shapira the founder of Ahavat Ammi Ministries. He adds, “This program will further the journey of the nations to their fullness. This new set of courses from Zion provides Christians with revolutionary content!”  Pastor Matt McKeown, Kosher Pastor’s founder, is also thinking prophetically.  “This Bachelor’s level education is so timely for these days where we are seeing prophecies being fulfilled on the world stage.  With all the misinformation online Christians need validated and kosher teachings so they can understand their role in the last days.”.  More information can be found at and right now this bundle of 7 courses (3 of which were filmed in Israel) for $400.

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