4 DVD SET – Decoding the Besorah according to Covid-19 by Rabbi Shapira


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Join Rabbi Itzhak Shapira in an epic journey to decode The Besorah according to COVID-19 for these last days, to gain revelation of the Messiah, COVID-19 and these days in which we live – straight from pages of the Torah, the Prophets, the Sages of Israel, and the words of Yeshua himself.

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira is the founder of Ahavat Ammi Ministries and Yeshivat Shuvu operating in over 50 countries. Rabbi Shapira is the author of and contributor to numerous works including The Return of the Kosher Pig, Ahavat Olam Siddur, From Nisan to Nisan, The Night of the Bride, 100 Gates-100 Shofarot and many more.