4 DVD SET – The New Hamas The Great Organized Chaos & the Coming of Mashiach by Rabbi Dr. Shapira



On October 7, 2023, the 9-11 of Israel took place an event so tragic, second only to the Holocaust. Buried within this tragedy, lies a dark secret, deep within the foundation of the conflict which bears the true identity of Hamas.

Who is Hamas and what is this war all about? Is it possible that the
Bible actually predicted these events? Join Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira, the author of numerous books, including The Return of the Kosher Pig, The Rivkah Remnant, and the Besorah According to Covid-19, for a unique perspective on the prophetic connection of this horrible tragedy to the End Times and the coming of Messiah.


About Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira, Author

Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira was born and raised in a traditional Sephardic Jewish home in Israel.

After years of studying Rabbinic Jewish texts, he found the Messiah within the Hebrew writings. He serves as the Shaliach Tzibbur of Yeshivat Shuvu. He also serves as the founding rabbi of Ahavat Ammi Ministries, an international Jewish organization that is focused on reconciliation between Jews and Yeshua.

Rabbi Shapira is the author of and contributor to numerous works including The Return of the Kosher Pig, Ahavat Olam Siddur, From Nisan to Nisan, The Night of the Bride, 100 Gates-100 Shofarot, and many more.