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Special Chanukkah Gift

29 Kislev 5778 (Dec 17, 2017)

Shalom Chaverim and Chag Sameach,

We are blessed to bring you one of the most significant announcements in our history. We are proud and honored to announce to the public that our mobile application is now available in Spanish with Spanish content. After long months of work, we are proud and excited to bring hundreds of teachings into the Spanish language. The application will be updated weekly, and is available for free. Why do we give it for free? Because we want to invest in the Spanish world and to see great revival among Spanish speakers.

Take a moment and watch and share this video below. Over 100 Spanish videos are already available in Spanish to the mobile application, and our list will grow on a daily basis.

Our partnership with Pastor Raul Rubio and Kehilat Yovel as part of growing Yeshivat Shuvu in Spanish will continue to bring good fruit. This is our investment and commitment to you: We will continue to train and equip and invest in the Spanish speaking world. Mazal Tov to our dedicated staff, and enjoy this special gift for Chanukkah from us. If you are blessed by this announcement, Please continue putting a seed into this important project as it takes many resources to bring you quality programming in Spanish, here is the link to donate specifically towards this project: Go to

The Ahavat Ammi English application has seen over 6000 downloads already, and now we welcome many more quality teachers from the Spanish world to bring you quality Kosher teachings about the Torah and Messiah on a weekly basis. You can also visit our Yeshiva websites ( for spanish) and ( for english) if you want to be in part of a global move of G-D. All that you must do is:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Download the mobile application to iPhone or Android
  3. Subscribe within the application to the Spanish teachings
  4. Share it with your friends
  5. Study Torah with us!


Mazal tov and rejoice in this gift from our hearts to you. We would appreciate your support as G-D allow you.

Wishing you Chag Chanukah Sameach,
Yours truly, Itzhak

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