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Remnant שארית

For this year 2019, the messianic Jewish encounter that bears the name "She'erit" (Remnant) will seek to understand and strengthen the concept of serving the Kingdom of the Messiah by being part of a remnant. We will understand how the body of the Messiah has members strategically located throughout the world ("of every people and nation") for the prophetic fulfillment of the last times. These members can be that remnant that Yeshua will use for his glory, since God has always used a remnant to fulfill his purpose, so no man can claim the glory that belongs only to Him.


June 1-3, 2019

Pastor Mark Biltz

United States

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira


Samuel del Coso Román


Rabbi Steven Bernstein

United States

Pastor Raul Rubio


Pastor Joseph John


Pre-Conference (Special Yeshiva Class)

May 30-31, 2019


The Outcasts of Israel: Marranos and Messiah’s Restoration

Alezur Cabezas Perez

The descendants of the Anusim, also known as Marranos, are part of a larger group collectively known by the terms “Lost”, “Outcasts”, “Holy-Seed”, or simply “Seed of Israel”. These categories are generally associated with descendants of Israel who, although not legally Jewish, are destined to be fully restored through the Messiah. This teaching will analyze particular prophecies about these groups, how they were understood by the Sages and how they relate to the Renewed Covenant’s view of Israel’s ‘Outcasts’ being restored.


G-d and Messiah, Time and Space

Rabbi Steven Bernstein

This class will discuss G-d and Messiah existing beyond time and space and the implications of this existence. We will look at scriptural, spiritual, and theological ramifications for the remnant.


Jewish identity in a Christian world

Douglas A. Wheeler, Ph.D., Th.D. & Pastor Matt McKeown

What does it mean to have a Jewish identity? Is this even possible for someone from the Christian background? Join Dr. Doug Wheeler and Pastor Matt McKeown as the explore the prophetic role of the remnant from the nations in the last days.


Jewels in Jewish Music

Chazan Peter Gordon

This class will provide you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Shabbat Siddur & the transportative melodies of our liturgical worship. Participants will be encouraged to sing from the depths of their souls and are invited to bring these musical examples back to their home congregations.

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How Deep Are Your Roots?

Eldad Keynan

What can physical finds and ancient written sources tell us about the earliest followers of Yeshua, the earliest messianic Jews? Who were they? Where did they live? Were they part of the Jewish society during the first Christian centuries? Years of study in the field plus ancient and modern written sources provide quite clear answers to these questions and more. Roots are being exposed!


The body of the Messiah, from his birth to the last times 

Rav. Emmanuel Rodriguez

What is the meaning and meaning for us today of: He is the head of his body? In Israel's thinking, history finds its purpose in the liberating Messiah. The Messiah ushered in a new dimension of history that integrates the redeeming acts of God for Israel and the nations. We will decode this mystery to penetrate, the codes and meaning hidden in the Torah.


Leaning on the Ruach HaKodesh

Ted Pearce

We CAN trust in Him. The battle for the salvation of Israel AND The Nations belongs to Yeshua. We shall win that battle by being loud voices in His Eternal Choir!  For now we are soldiers of Yeshua’s grace, holding the “eretz” (ground) awaiting His Eternal Kingdom.

Let’s go to battle with the weapons we’ve been given to change our world.