Launch of the Free Ahavat Ammi App / Virtual Bet Midrash

4 Adar II 5776 (March 14, 2016)

Download on iPhone or Android
Free of Cost!

Ahavat Ammi Ministries is excited to release a revolutionary phone application (Android & iPhone) that brings hundreds of teachings to the hands of thousands. The application is completely FREE OF CHARGE and updated weekly. It includes video and Audio (both On-Demand and Live):

  • Weekly “Pearls of Torah” teachings
  • Archive teachings from any Torah Portion
  • The Full “Cheezuk Emunah” Database in answering Anti-Missionaries Database
  • Festivals Teachings
  • Live Teachings From Israel
  • Hebrew Teachings
  • Spanish Teachings
  • Over 24 Categories
  • Live Streamed Teachings
  • Push Notification of New weekly teachings…and much, much more!

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira comments: Our vision continues to the Jew first, while preparing, educating, and discipling the body of Messiah in these last days. The Ahavat Ammi Application provides us a way to put quality teachings at the hands of thousands of people from every country, background, and theological stand point. This is a historic day for our ministry. The application is available right now in The Google Store and iPhone Store under the name “Ahavat Ammi.”

To download on iPhone: Click HERE
To download on Android: Click HERE

Rabbi Shapira concluded: We have taken the great burden upon ourselves, as an organization to bring thousands into mainstream messianic teachings, while addressing Anti-Missionary groups and introducing the Messianic theme within the Torah globally. We are humbled and thankful for all, and we pray that this application will be the answer to organizations like Chabad in bringing Kosher Messianic teachings.

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