Ahavat Ammi Announces Launch of Yeshivat Shuvu

1 Av 5777 (Jul 24, 2017)

Ahavat Ammi Ministries is excited to announce the launching of the innovative new Yeshiva and discipleship distance learning program, Shuvu! Yeshiva, Restoration, and Discipleship Center launches globally in early 2015.

Rabbi Shapira explains: ”This is a historic day for Ahavat Ammi Ministries with the launch of Shuvu and the construction of our own studio. Our heart’s desire is to establish a virtual learning center that will benefit the entire body of Messiah with a strong vision of restoration. The Yeshiva will attract students who are hungry to partake in the restorative theme of these end days.”

Rabbi Shapira continues, ”The word שוב (Shuv), means “to be restored.” The theme of restoration captures the heart of Shuvu Yeshiva as a house of study, outreach, and discipleship. While deep theological training is part of our school, we will also focus on very practical and application studies within a Messianic context.”

The Yeshiva will have three programs with various levels of training.

Or L’Goyim: The program is geared towards non-Jewish believers that are new to Messianic Judaism. This program is rich with practical lessons and applications for those within the nations.

At the Footsteps of Mashiach: This program is ideal for both new Jewish believers and existing believers as it offers deep application-based training along with theological training on wide variety of topics.

Pre-Rabbinical: The program is geared toward those who receive a calling from G-D to enter into the ministry. This program is for Pre-Rabbinical students who desire to receive serious training in Jewish apologetics, answering objections to Yeshua, and more.

Rabbi Shapira added, “Yeshivat Shuvu is more than a place to come and learn about Judaism, but rather is focused on healthy Messianic Jewish theology with application to modern believers. We are committed to bring the best teachers to share the message of restoration.”

In conjunction with launching the Yeshiva, Ahavat Ammi Ministries confirmed the construction of their own studio for all teaching.

Rabbi Shapira concluded, “Without your generous support, this vision would not be possible. The costs of launching the distance learning program are to exceed $100,000 USD, and at this point we still need to raise additional $54,000 quickly.” To support the building of the studio and the launching of the Yeshiva go to .

To inquire about enrollment write us at or visit us at

For more information, contact our PR department:; Ahavat Ammi Press: 214-272-0392.

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