Revival in Italy - Redefining Ancient Paths

There is a path in this world that was once trodden by our ancestors who carried the truth to the world around them. That path has since been worn deeper by the feet of those who have twisted and perverted the truth, using it in every form of manipulation to support any cause imaginable in an attempt to control the world.


Repentance Comes to the Nations

Malaysia is a beautiful, predominantly island country between the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is a country with a vastly diverse population, with 137 living languages spoken across the land. The general populace is represented by a number of various religions. However, Islam is in the majority including some sixty percent of the population. Because of the drastic number of Muslims in the nation, Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.

As an Islamic nation, there are no political relations between Malaysia and Israel, and Israeli citizens are not allowed to travel there for any reason. 


The Return of the Kosher Pig Translation Project

Ahavat Ammi Ministries is thrilled to announce the implementation of our largest and most important initiative for 2014: the translation of The Return of the Kosher Pig into both Hebrew and Spanish. More details will be posted regularly on