Yeshua, The Kosher Pig

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center suggested that 60 percent of Americans believe that a person cannot be Jewish if he or she believes that Yeshua (the Hebrew name of Jesus) was the Jewish Messiah. To some, these numbers might seem encouraging, as they imply that 40 percent of the Jewish population sees faith in Jesus as “kosher.” Since nobody contacted me to take part in this survey, I would like to add a few of my thoughts as an Israeli Jew raised in traditional Judaism.

In the introduction of The Return of the Kosher Pig2, I wrote:

“I still remember when I was seven years old; I wanted nothing more than to become a knight with a sword for Purim, my favorite holiday. My dear mother Z”L3 called every clothing store in our local town in Israel to try to find my knight costume.


Kosher Pig Review

The title is shocking, but if it gets our attention that’s all for the good. Israeli born and raised Rabbi Itzhak Shapira has gifted the Jewish world with a labour of love, passionately argued, for the deity of Messiah Yeshua. Yeshua, considered unkosher (a ‘pig’) by most Jews today, will in time be found not only to be kosher, but the One who returns to defend His people (pp. 12-13).

For years, the standard work on Yeshua’s deity was a thin book titled The Great Mystery, or, How Can Three Be One? by Tzvi Nassi. Valuable though it was, the book suffers from a lack of clear documentation and poor distribution. It has now been eclipsed.