New Ahavat Ammi Website

Ahavat Ammi Ministries is excited to announce the launching of the all new as a dynamic tool to bring the name of Yeshua to thousands of Jews.

Rabbi Shapira explains, "Over the last few years we have seen great interest in examining the true identity of Yeshua (Jesus) by both Jews and Gentiles alike. The launching of Ahavat Ammi's new website represents a major step forward for the entire Messianic Jewish movement, containing hundreds of videos, teachings, articles and much more to bring forth the name of Yeshua."

Rabbi Shapira continues, "The first release of the website contains the English website, but very soon we will launch the Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian mirror websites. The website is focused on three different areas: answering objections to Yeshua and apologetics, Jewish stories, and lastly, outreach stories. Our greatest desire is to provide a great vairety of tools to equip Rabbis, teachers and students globally."

Rabbi Shapira concluded, "In the past, the battle for Jewish souls took place around the corner or in the street. In the modern era, the internet, social media, and video content become the new street-corner. We are determined in bring the name of Yeshua to millions, starting with the Jewish community, while training the body of Messiah for this great task ahead.”

To inquire about enrollment write us at or visit us at

For more information, contact our PR department:; Ahavat Ammi Press: 214-272-0392

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