Latest Teachings

Over the last six years I have had the chance to visit countless numbers of Messianic congregations; teach publically to Jewish people all over the world that do not share the same views as myself about the Jewish Messiah; and even to speak among some Christian churches.

In the course of doing so, I realized how desperately the body of Messiah needs to be restored. Jewish people to the Messiah, and the nations to the context of the Good news and the framework of the Messiah. Upon visiting so many congregations and receiving so many emails about lives being touched and transformed from Australia to Malaysia, Israel, Europe, South America and more, we made the decision to launch the Yeshiva. The Yeshiva is much more than a place to acquire knowledge.

Our primary goal is not just to provide people with knowledge, but ultimately to equip them with the proper framework and practical tools from the Torah, Disciples, and ultimately Yeshua himself to make an impact on the world around them. In Matthew 9, Yeshua has an encounter with the paralyzed man where he delivers the message to him “Rise, pick up bed and go....your sins are forgiven.” Recently, I received a prophetic vision that the man in the story is the one new man. This man is about to be restored, but must first walk forward! This is our focus: restoration of all to Messiah and equipping all to walk forward!